Everyone’s Smoodee’ing—and why not…

It’s healthy, it’s delicious,

And it’s a great way to get in those veggies & fruits!

But do you know what’s in your smoothies? 

We do, and we do it better!

A+ Smoodees – quite simply, all that, plus some..


We at A+ Smoodees keep in mind that

everyone is different…

Everyone has different tastes, needs, and goals…

and that is why we gear ourselves to be different-

to meet everyone’s tastes, needs, and goals…

-we are a customizable smoothie line..

and we want to know how YOU smooooodeee!!


Where Nutrition meets Taste

Our Smoodees are formulated for both nutrition and taste. 

There is NO guess work here – NO random toss in of this or that—

Each Smoodee base and customizations have been developed in conjunction with a registered dietitian to ensure:

  • quality
  • effectiveness of absorption
  • highest nutritional availability


Get What YOU Need 

Do YOU need a high protein formulation? A low carb formulation? A little bit of this and less of that?

Or do you just want a Smoodee for you created by you?

We got what you need and we got what you want!

Go to our GET IT page so we can personalize YOURS today!

IF IT’S GOOD ENOUGH FOR HER…… we have everyone from athletes, professors, kids, & fitness models like Mandie @torontogurl smoooodeee-in… see what this exceptional fitness model has to say: ‘….Thank you @aplussmoodees for my yummy smoodees ;) Loving the berry berry blast flavor right now :) Nothing but the best to fuel this girl…’


KICK INTO HIGHER GEAR WITH THE RIGHT FUEL!! yesss!! we have everyone from models, musicians, corporate moms, kids, personal trainers, & of course athletes smoodee’in!! read how this overly-talented muay thai fighter & MMA artist @davehale_13 gets it in: ‘..Got that extra kick at practice after drinking my @aplussmoodees fruits and vegetables smoothie!!”

Dave Hale

I was looking for a filling, healthy and delicious breakfast/snack, and your “A+ Smoodees” cannot be beat! Now I can get my morning coffee fix in a smoodees form! This is so far from being a typical drink. This was truly delicious! ‘thanksgiving in your mouth.” Thanks Anthony:) keep up the good work! I am still happily surprised at the taste :)

Natalie Bisasor

I loved the smoodees! The green orchard made my mornings, love the combination of freshness, sweetness, and the sour ‘kick’ at the end. It is like a nutritional candy!


For a guy who does not like greens, these are amazing! They actually taste good! I love how you can have these right before a workout and they do not weigh you down. I cannot say enough good things about A+ Smoodees, for me they get an A++

Todd Brennand

INJURY>RECOVERY>NOW SUPERWOMAN!! Life (injury/hardship) always hits you to wake you up!! and this is exactly what happened to this lady as she went about her life playing tennis with ignored injuries, unresolved digestion woes, & a persistent medical issue that drove her nuts! but did she ever stop to properly address any of these? NO!! well, that is until life forced her to by giving her a forceful injury that made her stop!! ‘but I think that was the best thing that could have happened to me… ‘ DANG RIGHT IT WAS!! because while she took time out to rehab that injury, she learned to better pay attention to the rest of her body’s signs & symptoms.. this led to her wanting to do & apply the same measure of awareness for her inner body- which led to a naturopath helping her reset her digestive system, a more personalized nutrition plan for HER needs, & of course some A+ Smoodees to give her all natural jet fuel whenever she needs it! So she started with just an injury, and now walks out fitter, healthier, & happier!! So thank you Life, thank you! Because now even as she approaches middle age, she does so with a bounce in her step, a shine in her smile, & of course smoodees in hand!!
Kim, we are SO ridiculously proud of you.. yep, so ridiculously proud!!

Kim Dunn

I have been using smoodees since the new year. I suffer from rheumatoid arthritis in my hands and I must say boxing, training and spinning with Scott at the Oakville Boxing Functional Training (OBFT) in Oakville takes a toll on my hands at times so I asked if they could add any ingredients for my arthritis and they have. So since using the berry berry blast I must say I have noticed my hands don’t swell as much as they use to it’s really wonderful . Best of all it taste great!

Janet Shea

HELPING THIS MUSIC PRODUCER PRODUCE!! When it comes to living a healthy lifestyle, as the saying goes, “diets” never work. You go on a diet, that diet inevitably comes to an end and you’re right back where you started. What you need to change is your focus and choices. And getting help from others always helps. For the last few years, a friend who happens to be a clinical therapist and my health advisor for a while now, has been providing me with a with great help and advice to reach my fitness goals. He referred me to a dietician who’s been helping me revise my food choices, not by trying to get me to eliminate my cravings (I love cookies and cakes…) but helping me control them by making good diet choices to help curb my cravings. Thanks @elis_eats! Lastly, in recent weeks he’s been letting me sample his new smoothie line he’s been developing. And I have to say, it’s been great! Delicious, packed with nutrients, a great post work out treat, all at a fair price. I know I sound like an infomercial right now, but I don’t take time out to praise something I’ve never tried or don’t really use or like. Even for my friends. So if you’re interested in making a lifestyle change, and love smoothies like I do, you may wanna take the smoodeechallenge! Ha! I highly approve and recommend. And it’s a local company! Let’s support our own great independent business community!

Solitair Producer, Solitair Music

Ahhh, Spreading Smoodee Love.. and if anyone should know about love & appreciation of foods great tasting & all-natural, it’s definitely Anne of @cocovienaturals


Aaaaiiii- The World Famous Dr. Jay (The Soca Prince) Cannot express how thankful/grateful we are that Jay @socaprince & his family have been enjoying our smoodees, FruitNveggie Straps since the beginning!! And now a glowing endorsement for our new HYDRA-SMOODEE read how he uses it: ‘…This is the ultimate hangover remedy. Link @apsmoodees for yours. I’m serious. This ting works for me…’

Dr. Jay

Deelicious is all I can say about A+ Smoodees! They go down smooth and easily, are packed with nutrients I wouldn’t get elsewhere, and having a jug in the fridge is a deelight to see. Highly recommended for anyone that wishes to improve their diet, or just want something tasty in their life on a regular basis. This is what healthy should taste like!

Andrew McRae

Ahhh, She Likes It ? Honoured to have Dana McCauley- Canadian chef/food trend tracker, judge on the Food Network reality series ‘Recipe to Riches’, & Founder of Food Trends on YouTube share some goodness about our smoodee line: @everydayinnovator: ‘@aplussmoodeesSo great! Love them all but the Hydro Smoodee on the left is ‘revolutionary’! So much better than Gatorade!’

Dana McCauley Celebrity Chef


‘…For the past 12 weeks I’ve been working closely with @aplussmoodees. When you follow them and go to their page, you may only see the phenomenal organic smoothies they offer. However, I personally make it a point to emphasize the fact they offer so much more. The founder & lead practitioner of @aplussmoodees has been working with me to restore an injury that has been building up for almost 4 years or more now. I’ve been running, doing plyometrics in excess, and ignoring my body’s signals up until 3 months ago. In just 12 weeks my bad knees are gone and lower back issues have improved by 75-85%! Crazy no!?!? Now, my rehab training was much more limited (obviously) to facilitate recovery. This meant that I had develop a MUCH better relationship with food to keep my body’s esthetic ‘appease’, if you will. Once again, @aplussmoodees had my back. Their #phenomenal R.D. worked with me on a week to week basis teaching me how to balance my meals, curb cravings, supplement accordingly and more. I’m still trying to get over the fact I’m training less hours/week with less intensity, eating the most CARBS & FRUITS I have had in years and am in WICKED SHAPE with less pain! My booking agent here in South East Asia said “Brodie, you look way healthier and fit than last year!” Crazy right!? Anyways, super grateful for @aplussmoodees assistance! Thank you family!

Brodie Nero

AHH- THAT SMOODEE LOVE… with Charmaine Broughton.. how great is it that an exceptional chef, food writer, & marathon runner, not only loves our smoodees, but even shared it with the world on her site, and on Breakfast Television!! Thank you Charmaine!!

Charmain Broughton Chef

AHH- THAT SMOODEE-LUV.. now THIS testimonial below from our customer Catherine G, is definitely why we do what we do..please read what this corporate mom has to share… ‘….I am not an athlete, a model, or all that adept with nutrition. I’m a working Mom with two small kids, and travel a lot for work. I suffer from hypothyroidism and anemia and have little time for myself. In a world where it’s difficult to sift through so much marketing BS with food, it’s comforting to know that A+Smoodees looks after ME by providing me with what is not only delicious and convenient, but MADE for me. I started on the A+Smoodee program 3 months ago and haven’t looked back. It’s easy, convenient, ridiculously delicious (in all flavours), and most importantly, meets my nutritional needs/goals. On the A+Smoodee program, I have lost weight, feel more energized, and actually notice the change in my body in all regards. I can assure you that A+ Smoodees will change the quality of your life, it’s definitely changed mine….’

Catherine G.

Let me tell you how much A+ gets my day started off right. I supplement my A+ Smoodee (Ginger is my fav) with typically a 3 eggs and veggie or meat frittata. Having my day start off with an A+ helps me through a full schedule of teaching Golf 6 days a week! In fact I just spent a week away in Orlando for Golf (no not playing) & NOT supplementing with an A+ Smoodee and boy could I tell the difference. Do yourself a HUGE favour…Get yours today!

Doug Lawrie

I am so impressed with A+ Smoodees. I went to the cafe one day after the gym to try one of the greenery smoothies, and Anthony was so helpful and committed to getting me the exact flavour that I wanted. Both Anthony and his team are very committed to what they do and want to make their customers happy. The smoothies are incredibly good, and you can customize them to whatever flavour you prefer. I will continue to buy their full size bottles every week! Worth it, and keeps me feeling healthy :). Highly recommend this place!


I have recently tried A+Smoodees! I’m in love. The smoodees have a smooth, fresh and flavorful taste to them. I haven’t found a flavor that has disappointed me and that’s refreshing for a picky eater as myself.
‘As for their Pumpkin Seed Protein’, With my hectic schedule I just sometimes want to add water and go..I tried doing that with My REGULAR protein powder, but it has a bulky & unnatural taste to it. I find the Pumpkin Powder easy to mix, & It has a pure and nutty taste. Now I can actually enjoy when breakfast or snack is a shake. Thanks Anthony & the A+ Team.


All of their products are phenomenal! My favourites are the vanilla and coco protein shakes – with 100% pumpkin seed powder that gives it the protein. They are yummy and completely guilt free. I tell all my friends once they try it they’ll never go back to that manufactured mix up. So good.


Excellent product and outstanding customer service! I’m able to place my weekly order with the flexibility to pick it up when it works for my schedule. This ensures that I have a constant supply of smoodees to make the morning drive much more enjoyable and my breakfast that much more nutritious!