A+ Smoodee’s Pumpkin Seed Powder
Organically Vegan & Gluten Free

High Protein!
High Iron!
Only one main ingredient,
slightly nutty taste
1 serving = 35% Iron + 20g Protein/Serving

Pumpkin Seed Protein

$6 99 -150g

Pumpkin Seed Powder Is considered one of the best protein products among organic foods. Now being recognized as a Superfood! High source of vitamin K. good source of plant sterols. Pumpkin seed powder is a balanced source of good proteins. Pumpkin seed powder is an excellent supplement and eases insomnia.  

I am so impressed with A+ Smoodees. I went to the cafe one day after the gym to try one of the greenery smoothies, and Anthony was so helpful and committed to getting me the exact flavour that I wanted. Both Anthony and his team are very committed to what they do and want to make their customers happy. The smoothies are incredibly good, and you can customize them to whatever flavour you prefer. I will continue to buy their full size bottles every week! Worth it, and keeps me feeling healthy :). Highly recommend this place!


I have recently tried A+Smoodees! I’m in love. The smoodees have a smooth, fresh and flavorful taste to them. I haven’t found a flavor that has disappointed me and that’s refreshing for a picky eater as myself.
‘As for their Pumpkin Seed Protein’, With my hectic schedule I just sometimes want to add water and go..I tried doing that with My REGULAR protein powder, but it has a bulky & unnatural taste to it. I find the Pumpkin Powder easy to mix, & It has a pure and nutty taste. Now I can actually enjoy when breakfast or snack is a shake. Thanks Anthony & the A+ Team.


All of their products are phenomenal! My favourites are the vanilla and coco protein shakes – with 100% pumpkin seed powder that gives it the protein. They are yummy and completely guilt free. I tell all my friends once they try it they’ll never go back to that manufactured mix up. So good.


Excellent product and outstanding customer service! I’m able to place my weekly order with the flexibility to pick it up when it works for my schedule. This ensures that I have a constant supply of smoodees to make the morning drive much more enjoyable and my breakfast that much more nutritious!