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Our signature Smoodee. Simply all that, plus some!


Ginger Apple
Apple (Green Orchard Burst)
Blueberry (Berry Berry Blast)
Greenery (low glycemic)
Greenberry (low glycemic)

Customize It!

GREEN ALKALINE  (spirulina, chlorella)
DIABETIC AIDE  (Greenery, flax, cinnamon)
OMEGA  (Berry Berry Blast, flax)
FIBER (chia seeds)
DIGESTION (ginger, chia, lemon)
SHINY RADIANCE (Greenery, lemon)
ENERGY (matcha, maca)
IMMUNITY (lemon, matcha, tea)
ANTI-INFLAMMATORY (turmeric, ginger, cinnamon)

Sizes & Prices:

2L – $40
2L Custom – $45

500ml – $12/500 ml bottle OR $10/500 ml bottle when two or more are purchased.
250ml – $6 each
250ml – 6 Pack – $30


Almond Protein Shakes

Our Protein Shakes are SO much better than yours!

  • Pure cocoa/Strawberries/Pure Vanilla Bean Extract & Cinnamon
  • Unsweetened Almond Milk
  • Dates
  • Pumpkin Seed Protein (1 ingredient)
  • All-Natural = All GOOD


Cocoa crème
Vanilla crème

Sizes & Prices:

2L Jug – $22.00
500ml – $7.00


Almond Protein Shakes

Hydra Smoodees


  • Our Green Smoodee Base
  • Coconut Water- Natural ELECTROLYTES
  • Spirulina- Boost/Recover METABOLISM
  • VitC- Muscle Recovery & Joint Health


For when you’re thirsty

2L – $15.00
500ml – $4.00
6 Pack (500ml) – $22.00

Hyper Hydra

For when you need energy boost (with infused matcha green tea)

2L – $16.00
500ml – $4.50
6 Pack (500ml) – $25.00

Extreme Hydra

Description: For when you need pre-workout or jetfuel (with a double shot of matcha)

2L – $17.00
500ml – $5.00
6 Pack (500ml) – $28.00

Cherry Hydra & Cherry Hydra Lite*

Description: CHERRY (when you want an explosion of fruit flavor)

*Cherry Hydra Lite (only 1/3 of original carbs & sugars)

2L – $17.00
500ml – $5.00
6 Pack (500ml) – $28.00

Hydra Smoodee

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bites

Organic oats, coconut, flax, peanut butter, chocolate, honey, chia, vanilla- THAT’S IT!! Packed with protein, fiber, & only 8 grams sugar per serving!!


$3 (2 per pack)


Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bites

Fruit & Veggie Straps

Everything you love about our smoodees – now in a tasty strap!

  • We use whole fruits & leafy green veggies
  • Natural, no preservatives/added sugars
  • Vegan, gluten free, organic-friendly
  • Packed with natural nutrients, fiber, and omegas


$6 (6 strips)


Fruit & Veggie Straps

Pumpkin Seed Protein & Super Packs



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Regular Smoodee

Pumpkin Seed Protein & Super Packs

Cleanse & Refresh Program

Custom Smoodee

Almond Protein Shake

Hydra Smoodee

Peanut Butter & Chocolate Protein Bites

$3 each (2 per pack)

Fruit & Veggie Straps

$6 each (6 strips)

Note: we'll reach out to confirm your purchase and give instructions for payment once your order is submitted

Find Us

A+ Smoodees, Smoothie & Stuff Cafe (inside LA Fitness)

1326 Brant St, Burlington, ON
(Mon & Thurs 8-9, Tues & Wed 4-9, Sat 8-2)


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