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SO EASY – Just drink 2 specialty detox smoodees per day

More Green,
Lean & Fit!

As a athlete my nutrition balance is key to my success. With all the chemicals and artificial in foods and drinks it makes it difficult to maintain a balanced diet. Being a key player for my league team as well as the National club my diet has to be up there. I struggled for a long time until I came across A+ Smoodees. I tried there Hydra and pumpkin seed protein and instantaneously fell in love. Now it is a key part to my daily routine. Now thanks to Anthony (CEO) and A+ Smoodees my diet is balanced and my endurance has elevated remarkably. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND THIS TO ANYONE!!!

King K Letangmitchell

I have done multiple Smoodee cleanses and programs and I LOVE them! Amazing service and high quality product. Highly recommend!

Anna Gala

Excellent product and outstanding customer service! I’m able to place my weekly order with the flexibility to pick it up when it works for my schedule. This ensures that I have a constant supply of smoodees to make the morning drive much more enjoyable and my breakfast that much more nutritious!

Janey Piroli

Deelicious is all I can say about A+ Smoodees! They go down smooth and easily, are packed with nutrients I wouldn’t get elsewhere, and having a jug in the fridge is a deelight to see. Highly recommended for anyone that wishes to improve their diet, or just want something tasty in their life on a regular basis. This is what healthy should taste like!

Andrew McRae


organic spinach (double amount), organic kale (double amount), fresh basil, organic chia seed, hemp hearts, milled flax seed, dried white mulberries, spirulina, chlorella, organic green apple, organic lemon juice, water, extra virgin, first cold pressed olive oil, *plus a special combination of detoxifying herbal goodness. These can be further customized based on allergies, nutrient balance, or addressing disorders and diseases.

SO EASY – Just drink 2 specialty detox smoodees per day

OR – Follow our easy online nutrition plan & drink 2 smoodees per day
(Total CLEANSE Detox)

  • Reset/charge boost Metabolism
  • Clease Digestive System
  • Detoxify blood, organs, body
  • Feel Refreshed/Energized


It’s as easy as 1, 2, 3!!

1 – pour 250ml Smoodee

2 – add 250ml water with lemon juice, almond/coconut milk, hydra, coconut water, pure pressed pineapple juice or orange juice

3 – to make┬ámore complete, add a heaping tablespoon of our A+ Pumpkin protein

4- shake/blend/stir & enjoy!!

Upon enrolling in the Cleanse & Refresh Program, you will receive a detailed guide that includes:

7-Day Meal Plan Template
A Success Checklist
2 Customized Smoodees per day

Embrace the plan for the next 7-days and give your body the proper nutrients it needs and craves to support you in all your endeavors!


$99 for 7 day
(2 specialty jugs for a a general cleanse)

$129 for 10 day
(3 specialty jugs for a deep, thorough cleanse)



High Iron

Pumpkin Seed Powder 


Week of protein only $10!

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