A+ Smoodees…

quite simply, all that, plus some…

we’re NOT a smoothie…

*we use whole fruits & leafy veggies
*100% natural, no preservatives/sugars
*vegan, gluten free, organic-friendly
*we customize to performance/diet
*tastebud happy guarantee

we’re a SMOODEE!!



Everyone’s Smoodee’ing—and why not…

It’s healthy, it’s delicious,
And it’s a great way to get in those veggies & fruits!
But do you know what’s in your smoothies? 
We do, and we do it better!
A+ Smoodees-
quite simply, all that, plus some..


We at A+ Smoodees keep in mind that everyone is different…

Everyone has different tastes, needs, and goals…
and that is why we gear ourselves to be different-
to meet everyone’s tastes, needs, and goals…
-we are a customizable smoothie line..
and we want to know how YOU smooooodeee!!


Where Nutrition meets Taste

Our Smoodees are formulated for both nutrition and taste. 
There is NO guess work here – NO random toss in of this or that—
Each Smoodee base and customizations have been developed in conjunction with a registered dietitian to ensure:

  • quality
  • effectiveness of absorption
  • highest nutritional availability


Get What YOU Need 

Do YOU need a high protein formulation? A low carb formulation? A little bit of this and less of that?
Or do you just want a Smoodee for you created by you?
We got what you need and we got what you want!
Go to our GET IT page so we can personalize YOURS today!


Hi there my name is Brodie Nero. I am an international model and fitness coach from Toronto, Canada.

I was first referred to A+ Smoodees by a healthcare practitioner I really trust. I showed up to one of the launch events for this new product and was given some samples and information to walk away with. I brought the samples home and shared them with my mom. We both loved them and agreed to getting our own jug on a weekly basis.

I enjoy doing a jog or really light workout when I first wake up. I’m not a huge fan of doing activities on an empty stomach. My issue was always having to use limited time cooking a meal, letting it settle, then training. My smoodee completely changed that issue. I now can get up, have one cup of my customized smoodee shake and get right to my work out. After a couple weeks on the product I was told that A+ Smoodees offers additional services of having a registered dietitian coach you. Even after being a personal trainer myself for years, I had not mastered how I needed to eat to get to my goals. So I willingly invested into this additional service.

1. because I was humble enough to know I needed the help

2. I had SERIOUS goals to hit for an overseas contract that demanded I be in impeccable shape.

The online consolations were convenient, enjoyable and enlightening. In between consolations my nutritionist was still easy to reach. She was also very understanding of my personal situation, strengths and weaknesses. I’ll be completely transparent with you. I didn’t always follow my plan 100% of the time. A lot of times I returned with repeated mistakes to the dietitian. Not ONCE was I ever condemned or chastised for my mistakes. I was supported, heard out and guided to grow through the challenges I went through. Within 10 weeks or so I was able to hit my goals, jump on a flight, land on the other side of the world and be acknowledged for being in such great shape for my projects.

It was not hard to deliver this testimonial because of the success I had, and the belief I have is authentic. There are a lot of health and wellness companies out there. Aside from the Smoodees being phenomenal, it’s important that I emphasize on the support and love I received with A+ Smoodees.

Thank you so much!

Brodie Nero

and that is why with each smoodee you’ll be getting

 …all that, plus some!!

Get It!